2018 Cavalcade

  • Dirty Jobs

    Browse the digital version of this years Cavalcade special section, covering dirty jobs around Canyon County.
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Coroners would not be wise to show up to a crime scene in their nicest clothes, hair fixed, and not expect something to get ruined.

Standing in the middle of the Pickles Butte Sanitary Landfill with Randy Hagler, lead heavy equipment operator for the landfill, you might notice the smell — clean, dusty Idaho desert air with a hint of fresh wood — or the chipper way Hagler looks at the large, yellow elevating scraper. Hagl…

When Nampa Police officers come back from stressful calls, it's one man's mission to make sure they are welcomed to a clean office. 

NAMPA — Will Ekberg, the operations supervisor for the Nampa Wastewater Treatment Plant, said he gets asked all the time about how he deals with the smells of his work environment every single day.

At 4 a.m., while most Canyon County residents are rolling over for a couple more hours of sleep, Republic Services driver Dan Biddle is starting his route collecting trash and recycling.

Antlers line two corners of RJ Colo’s shop — 80 to be exact. Bear pelts drape over wood stands waiting to become a rug for a home. An array of animals — a buffalo, birds, deer and a small fox-like creature — dot the room as lifelike displays.