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United Vision for Idaho is an organization that works for social, environmental and economic systemic changes that affect Idahoans. The organization, along with local leaders, advocates and community members is holding a rally to pressure Idaho congressional members to vote for the For The People Act. 

"Make no mistake, this is an all out attack on American democracy. In a wave of authoritarian efforts over 400 bills, including six here in Idaho, have been introduced across the country to undermine the right to vote and have it count," wrote Executive Director Adrienne Evans in an email.  Congress had the opportunity to advance legislation and uphold their oaths to protect our fragile democracy by expanding voting, exposing dark money, and securing nonpartisan certification, yet every Senate Republican voted no. Why would these politicians want to stop us from making elections simpler and fairer, getting money out of politics, and holding corrupt officials accountable? We all know the answer: because benefitting from dark money, voter suppression, and the support of corporations is their foremost priority."

The rally takes place Friday June 25 at noon at the Idaho Capitol front steps. The speakers at the event are: Francisco Salinas, assistant to the vice president for equity initiatives at BSU; Ahniah Selene - Summers, United Vision for Idaho board member on disability impacts; Monica Fabbi, Fair Housing Council of Idaho and Evans. The event will also have music by Ashley Rose. People can find more information on the United Vision for Idaho's website, uvidaho.org.

"The For the People Act (H.R.1/ S.1) would overhaul voting, money-in-politics, and ethics laws—all to make our democracy more inclusive," stated a press release. "While we may not all agree on political solutions, that politicians are rejecting their oaths to preserve and protect the fundamental right to vote signals a dangerous time and one that places our democracy at great risk to growing authoritarianism."

The rally is addressing the way the For The People Act will affect Idahoans. Among other things, the bill addresses election integrity and security, voter access, ethics for the three branches of government and campaign finance.

"Republican lawmakers have failed to advance legislation to ensure that our elections are free, fair and accessible to every American," it was written in the press release. "Instead, GOP elected officials in 47 states have introduced nearly 400 bills since March, including six bills in Idaho that aim to restrict voting rights and undermine our democracy. At least 55 of them are in the legislative process, and 5 have already been signed into law. These bills impose stricter voter-ID requirements, purge voters off voting rolls and make the ballot initiative process one of the strictest in the nation."

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