Summer is about potential. About this time of year, with the mercury popping into the upper 80s and the shocking exposure of pale winter flesh to the outside world, a Boisean's thoughts turn to what could be.

You know it's summer when I feel compelled to enter a bike race of some kind.

Summer, to me, is a balancing act. Literally, an act of balancing a picnic dinner on my knees while seated in a short lawn chair and holding a glass of wine in my hand. It's all part of the charm of the Idaho Shakespeare Festival.

In Idaho, talking about hot water can get you in hot water. My mind harkens back to two years and two months ago, when the editorial staff at Boise Weekly received a telephone message from an anonymous reader who felt the paper had betrayed her--and God--by printing directions to Skinny Dipp…

For me, summer begins where the concrete ends. And the zucchinis are fresh.

My name is Rachael, and I camp. In fact, if I could find a bumpersticker that declared, "I'd rather be camping," I'd violate my self-imposed no-bumpersticker-rule and slap that bad boy loud and proud on the rear of my Ford.

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