Boise Weekly card just got smarter. Idaho Smartcard App

Eat, Drink, Read, Look Good, Feel Great, and SAVE.

Boise Weekly’s SmartCard app gets you instant discounts. It takes you only three taps to save money. Seriously, that’s it.

Want step-by-step instructions?

  • Download the app. Load money to the app (or just link it to your credit/debit card).
  • Spend money at the business. Get your bill.
  • Open the app. Enter the exact amount of your bill and your discount automatically calculates.
  • Eating or drinking? Don’t forget to tip your server on the original amount of your bill! They’ll appreciate it and it’s good karma.

Download the Boise Weekly SmartCard app to your iPhone here.

Download the Boise Weekly SmartCard app to your Android here.

The Fine Print

Merchants on Boise Weekly’s SmartCard app have a limited amount of credit available each month. Once that limit is reached, the merchant will not accept app purchases until the following month. Check your merchant ‘s offer before you go buy something! When you pay with the app, you receive a transaction Id. Show your device with the transaction ID to your server.

Your transaction ID pops up after you hit the green “confirm payment” button. If you miss this important step, you can get the transaction ID from the "View History" option in the app. Thank you for your continued support of Boise Weekly and our advertisers.