Colossal Cinematic Showcase to Roll Out Red Carpet

Melina Marx missed home. A Boise native, she moved away to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career, only to boomerang back to the City of Trees.

"I was super homesick and missed everything Boise has to offer," she said. "I came back, and Larry [Dennis] had picked up film. I jumped in and started producing his work, and just fell in love with the makeup and special effects, costuming and producing in general. From there, I've done over 15 films at least. It's been great."

Marx and Dennis got their starts in theater, but now they co-produce the Colossal Cinematic Showcase, which will roll out the red carpet for (mostly) local filmmakers for the sixth time on Sunday, May 19, at the Country Club Reel Theater.

The pair started CCS in late 2016, and the bi-annual event has included short films by the likes of Chaz Gentry, Travis Wright, Sarah Goodwin and dozens of others. This go-around, the showcase will screen 16 films. Of those, Chris Phillips entered "Doctor Who Velocity, Episode 3," Cary Judd and Michael Tetro entered a trailer for their film, "Danny & the Rock" and Elizabeth Findley entered her short, "Just One Girl."

Submitted films cover a wide range of topics and themes, from children and dance to giving and family. The lone international entry, "Taste of Night" by Liudmila Komrakova, is a story about vampires feasting on tango dancers in Russia.

"It's a really eclectic blend of movies," Marx said.

The purpose of the festival is to give filmmakers whose work would normally only be recognized by YouTube commenters real-world film premieres for their fans, friends and family, followed by an after-party at Mad Swede Brewing.

"We want to show the films that would normally just linger on the internet. We want to make it a premiere and a screening, so filmmakers can celebrate their films with their casts and crews," Marx said.

—Harrison Berry

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