The energy surrounding the Davis Cup's arrival in Boise is picking up in the days preceding the tournament, and tennis fans are feeling the fever: The Cup's a once-in-a-lifetime chance for Boiseans to see the world's best playing in their own back yard.

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa — World Cup 2010 has finally arrived, and South Africans are trumpeting a message to the world: "Ke Nako" — it is time.

SOWETO, South Africa — When the World Cup kicks off in June, all eyes will be on Soweto, the famed Johannesburg township where the opening match will be played at a bright new soccer stadium shaped like a traditional African cooking pot.

BERLIN, Germany—For most Germans, the blizzard that hit the country over the weekend was a true nightmare. Hundreds of flights were canceled and airports and highways were closed. At the French border trucks were delayed for hours. On the Baltic Sea, some car drivers found themselves strande…

BOSTON—Once upon a time, the odd year—without an Olympics or a World Cup—tended to be relatively uneventful. But in today’s high-stakes sports universe, nobody can afford a season off. The year 2009 was unquestionably an “on” year, filled with glory and, as is now always the case, plenty of …

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