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If you’ve ever been to a roller derby bout (as games are called) or seen it depicted in film or TV, you know it’s an exciting sport; women with derby alter egos race excitedly around a track, often taking rough falls to the floor as the five teammates on the track at all times try to score points. For Caldwell’s Beet City Bombers, who are celebrating their 10th anniversary as a roller derby team, derby is fun and exciting — but it’s also about a community of women they’ve formed. Between away games, practices, and team-bonding outings, the 13 members of the Beet City Bombers have become a true family.

Founded in 2013, Beet City Bombers chose its name as an homage to the Canyon County area’s beet factory and the Warhawk Museum in Nampa. Aundrea James, aka Dynamite Doll (each member of the team has a player nickname/alter ego), is one of the team captains and a founding member of the Beet City Bombers.

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