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[image-2] The March 23 Yogafort class "Tune In ~ Tune Up" with instructor Tony G brought so many yogis to JUMP's Pioneer Room that musician East Forest had to ask all of the participants to scoot just a bit closer on their mats.

"We can fit in 20, 30 more people and change more minds and hearts," he called from the stage, adding, "If you can't smell your neighbor, you aren't close enough."

There were more than 200 people in the room, all arranged facing the stage on yoga mats that hit every note of the color spectrum. While the crowd was mostly women, there were plenty of men in attendance too, and ages ranged from girls still in elementary school to old-timers with gray beards.

[image-3] "I wish I had started yoga 40 years ago," said Robert Hesslink, who was visiting Boise from Portland, Orgeon, with his wife Kit.

"We were just looking for fun things to do," said Kit, describing how they'd stumbled across Yogafort.

It was Taylor Craig's first time at Yogafort too, though her ticket had been paid for by the Wyoming Arts Council, which she said had sent her to Boise to check out Treefort.

"We're looking at models in other states for how we can partner with and best support musicians in our own state," she said. She stopped by Yogafort on a whim and had come without a mat, drawing on her experience with yoga as a hobby.

"It's a good way to start the morning... right?" she said.

Just a few mats over was Sonja Barber, a Yogafort veteran and local YMCA yoga teacher who had volunteered for Treefort for the past four years.

"This year, I'm just going to have fun instead of working," she said.

Cheyenne H., a Boise attorney on her second Yogafort, echoed the sentiment.

"I really like the DJs and the view, and its nice after a late night to come and do yoga," she said. 

When Tony G led the crowd in a series of breathing exercises accompanied by pulsing notes and nature themes from East Forest, the sound of hundreds of people exhaling in unison was like a breeze sweeping through the room.