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Valentine’s Edition

Welcome to this year’s Valentine’s edition. The holiday has a lot of myths associated with it. Some origin stories point to an ancient Roman celebration called Lupercalia, a festival connected to health, purification and fertility, but no real evidence has been found to support this. Others, which are much more likely, connect the holiday to early Christian martyrs named Valentine. In any case, celebrating Valentine’s Day is now a worldwide tradition.

Every year people spend a lot of time and money celebrating the holiday, but this year COVID may be changing the way some are observing it. And yet, although the pandemic has ravaged the world, it hasn’t destroyed love, and we here at The Weekly are excited to help people find ways to celebrate. Whether people spend the day with someone, hang out alone, go out on the town or spend the night in, Boise Weekly has some ideas.

The main story this week on page 5 is a local Valentine’s Day roundup written by Fay Castronova. She comes up with some great ideas for people and even found a few events people may want to attend, all while maintaining proper social protocols for COVID.

Then on page 6 The Weekly interviewed local artist Ashley Dreyfus about her nomination as a finalist in Pabst Blue Ribbon’s 2020 Can Art Contest. People can show her some love by voting in the contest.

For this themed edition, we also have a longer article by Anonymously Single where she looks forward to spending the day with her new boyfriend, but also has some advice on how singles can have a great Valentine’s Day too.

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—Tracy Bringhurst, reporter

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