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Comfort Food

The pandemic has changed so many things, but one of the small comforts people still have is food. People may be finding themselves ordering out more to help local businesses or to just give themselves a break. Food is comforting, and people need food to be comfortable. Whether trying a new snack, watching a show or making a recipe, it makes people feel better. It’s even a bigger win if that food is even moderately healthy.

Enter veganism. Becoming vegan can lead to a healthier lifestyle, and although some may think eating vegan means skimping on taste, there are some restaurants in Boise ready to prove them wrong. Starting on page 5, the main story features local vegan restaurants and the unique dishes each of these businesses bring to Boise. Every one of the owners is deeply invested in bringing delicious vegan options to the Treasure Valley.

To continue with the foodie theme, on page 4 BW interviews one of the creators of the “Copper & Heat Podcast.” These College of Idaho graduates won the James Beard Award for the podcast and in the story discuss why they started it and what direction it’s moving in for season three.

Also on page 4 Fay Castronova takes a look at people who are in need of some extra sustenance. The local nonprofit Boise Hive recently started a food pantry, adding to the many services it provides to local musicians.

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—Tracy Bringhurst, reporter

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