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Hello. Hey There... Hi

I’ve been trying out first words for this column for a week. “Hello,” too generic. “Hey, there” can be read as petulant, demanding or even a little snarky.

So I’m just going with: Hi. I’m Jeanne Huff, the new editor for Boise Weekly.

My move to Boise in summer 2001, collided with the beginning of BW’s Sally and Bingo Barnes era. Now, I’m a sap for good storytelling, finding out where to go, what to do: music, art, movies, plays and all that jazz. Plus I love some biting wit, edgy writing— and yes, even some well-aimed snark from time to time. So, suffice to say, Boise Weekly soon became my go-to weekly of choice (sorry, not sorry, Michael Deeds).

Not only has it always held interest for me as a reader but over the years I’ve been introduced to more than 1,000 artists. And so have you. (Putting local artists on the cover was a genius move made by the aforementioned Sally and Bingo, by the way.) One of my favorite things to do is to pick up the newest BW and try to guess the name of the artist that week.

I am so grateful to everyone who has had anything to do with Boise Weekly, from its beginnings to now. Especially the lean, mean crew that kept it alive during the pandemic.

A lesser publication with a less-dedicated crew, from top to bottom, would never have made it. So thank you, Matt, Harrison, Tracy and Jason.

And a special thank you to my late husband and artist Bob Neal. His art was among those thousand-plus covers a handful of times. I know he’s smiling and shaking his head right now wondering why I had to wait for my turn until after his demise.

No matter — I’m here now.

I will try real hard and do my best to make you all proud.

This week we have a great story lineup.

Treefort has released its full schedule, including all the forts, and you can read all about it online at

And a new segment we’re calling “Behind the Scenes” debuts with Behind the (art) scenes with KIN curator Noble Hardesty as he hangs Christine Raymond’s artwork. Page 6.

The prolific Tracy Bringhurst has an entire lineup of stories across a variety of topics: Idaho Shakespeare Festival is back, baby — a truncated season, but tickets are still available — page 7; and not one but two music alerts: A Listen Here on Ryan Curtis’ debut solo album, page 9 and a Q&A with the band Grocer on page 8.

Best for last: Tracy’s interview with landscape artist John Horejs who invites people to come and watch as he paints his latest, is on page 4.

And this is Anonymously Single’s final installment on page 10

Well, that’s it for now. Questions? Thoughts? Comments? You can send ‘em my way:

—Jeanne Huff, editor

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