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Let us raise a glass to Ruth Bader Ginsburg. An eminent jurist, civil rights hero and cultural icon, the Supreme Court justice died on Sept. 18 due to complications from cancer at the age of 87. Our hearts go out to her grieving friends and family.

Among her final statements was the hope that she not be replaced on the Bench until after the 2020 election, but in all likelihood, that wish will not be honored. For conservatives, this is the big opening, the collapse of the castle wall surrounding SCOTUS. For progressives, it’s, well, the collapse of the castle wall surrounding SCOTUS. Winter is coming.

I’m proud to present yet another bang-up paper this week. Inside, you’ll find Part II of John Barrie’s story about the final hours of Lynn Henneman, a woman who was raped and murdered on the Boise Greenbelt in 2000. You’ll find that on page 5.

Next, you’ll find a music story about an unusual pairing. During the pandemic, the musical opportunities for Ken Simerly had been pretty dry until he saw a call for auditions for a vocalist. Long story short, Simerly got a gig with Swedish metal band Fleetburner cutting a new album. The catch: Simerly is an ardent Christian with qualms about some of metal music’s themes. Nevertheless, Simerly and Fleetburner frontman Kevin Storm reached common ground. Find out how on page 8.

Barbara Kingsolver is one of the most beloved and respected writers of her generation, but until recently, she had stayed her pen when it came to her personal life. Now, with her new poetry collection How to Fly (in Ten Thousand Easy Lessons), she has opened up about her family life. It’s also a how-to manual and panegyric for the natural world. She’ll participate in The Cabin’s Readings & Conversations series on Thursday, Sept. 24, so bone up on her latest work and hear from her directly on page 9.

Then, on Page 12, George Prentice returns for more of his favorites from this year’s Toronto International Film Festival and a review of Kajillionaire, opening soon at The Flicks. If you love cinema, you won’t want to miss his commentary and keen eye when it comes to sure bets come awards season.

Finally, I want to nudge readers about the upcoming Boise Weekly Cover Art Auction. It’s all online this year (with help from Auction Frogs), and runs Oct. 7-21. Check out boiseweekly.com for more info.

—Harrison Berry, Editor

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