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As we get ready to move into 2023, I want to talk about a dream I had last night. We don’t talk about our dreams much, at least not in passing. But I want to talk about this one. Because it took me back almost three years. Do you realize it’s been nearly three years since we entered into the pandemic? Since we became aware of, and then all too familiar with, the virus we first called the coronavirus? (I don’t want the ‘rona.) As those first few months of 2020 crept over us, we had no idea that soon we would be in the grip of a worldwide nightmare, living daily with a fear we’d never imagined.

In my dream, we were right back there. I woke up with that fear on me all over again, that fear that has slowly dissipated over nearly three years. I awoke in night-sweat confusion, what year is this, didn’t we come through the pandemic, don’t we have vaccines now, isn’t it all over, like a collective bad dream?

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