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The power of a poem

Poetry used to be a more popular art form and dates back to prehistoric times. Narrative poetry or storytelling poetry is thought to be the oldest, but the type of poetry people most relate to now is lyric poetry. This genre, which eventually led to the modern song construction, is more subjective than objective and can often point the reader to poignant introspection.

As an art form, poetry uses language to construct meaning in different ways, and someone who is doing some really interesting things with their poetry is A. H. Jerriod Avant. He’s the current artist resident at The James Castle House, and his poems are powerful and smart. Featured on page 4, Boise Weekly talked with him about his current work and his stay in Boise.

Then on page 5, our intern Fay Castronova interviews two comedians who are performing at The Lounge At The End Of The Universe. The show is both in-person and virtual so that everyone can feel comfortable about how they attend.

Finally, we have a story about The Food Trucks At Hillside. It’s a really neat space that came about after COVID put the brakes on a pop-up art collective called 2nd Sundays at Hillside. People can read all about the transition on page 6.

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—Tracy Bringhurst

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