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Pride, Crime and the Movies

There’s an awful lot in this week’s issue of Boise Weekly. Let’s start with Pride. For years, Pride took place in the spring, but due to the pandemic, it was first postponed, and later converted to an all-online series of events. Gone are the parades, the unfurling of the massive flag on the Capitol steps, the public speeches—all that stuff.

Pride started as a riot, and its revolt against the expectation that society should be cis-gender, straight and white continues. To honor that legacy, Tracy Bringhurst conducted interviews with LGBTQ folks from across Boise to talk about what Pride means to them. Her report, which you’ll find on page 6, is a real eye-opener.

Then, on page 10, you’ll find the first installment of John Barrie’s two-part true crime feature about the final hours of Lynn Henneman, who was raped and murdered on the Greenbelt 20 years ago this month. It’s a riveting and thought-provoking story, and just as fascinating is John’s personal connection to one of his subjects: During a bout of homelessness in 2003, John slept in a room once occupied by Henneman’s killer.

The pandemic has been hard on the newspaper industry, and here at BW, we’ve been saving our pennies just like everybody else. We finally scrounged up enough of them to bring back a crowd-favorite columnist, former BW Editor George Prentice, whose weekly screen features we and our readers have dearly missed. Get his list of must-see films from the 2020 edition of the Toronto International Film Festival on page 14.

Finally, on our news page, you’ll find stories about a CDC moratorium on evictions that will last to the end of 2020, and the present challenge facing Boise GreenBike, which is on the search for new title sponsors even as it gears up for a massive expansion of its services and equipment. Find those on page 9.

—Harrison Berry, Editor

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