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Of Thanks

Last week I wrote about the glad tidings on the Adams Elementary School marquee. This week, I get to write about the origin story.

About five years ago when Jason Adams (no relation) came on board as principal, he brought the idea with him. “It was just like, ‘hey, we got room on this marquee and all these people drive by — why not give them something positive to think about?’”

Adams said he gets ideas from staff members or “sometimes a Google search.” Last year, all the students had a “hand,” literally, in creating a hand-print mural on the back wall at M&W Market. It is in the shape of a huge heart and it says: “Love is the way.”

It’s all “a way to share positive vibes with our neighbors,” Adams said. “We really do like being a part of this community.”

I’d say the feeling is mutual. And it’s something I can be thankful for this Thanksgiving. What’s on your list?

Speaking of, be sure to check out the list of stories we couldn’t shoehorn into this issue, including: one on Jaialdi (canceled for 2022, will return in 2025); Baroness at The Olympic Nov. 23; and Radio Boise’s open call for artists. There’s one more on Kyle Rittenhouse’s acquittal. I wish I could say I’m shocked and in disbelief. Please remember, we don’t make the news, we just report it. Sigh.

What we do have in these pages is a veritable cornucopia of stories. The irascible Bill Cope is back on page 4, riled up and ready to get your blood flowing.

Bowen West talks about food and nutrition insecurity in Idaho and where people can go for help on page 6.

On page 10, Tracy Bringhurst has the latest on a local animal rights brouhaha.

All the usual suspects are here, too. Including the puzzle page — there was a printing snafu last week and some of our pages went missing. Sorry about that!

Oh, and submissions are open for our Fiction 101 contest. Send us your stories, exactly 101 words long. Deadline is Dec. 18.

And what else am I thankful for this year?

My family and friends, my health — and, of course, you, dear readers! Happy turkey day!

— Jeanne Huff, editor

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