A couple of ecstatic editors: Me and Teddy Feinberg. Teddy is editor at Idaho Press.

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(Clears throat.) Ah-hem … I am going to take just a few minutes up top here to toot our own horn. Once a year, Idaho journalists get gussied up and go to our own awards banquet that’s kind of like our industry’s Academy Awards. We call it the nerd prom. The awards, though, are legit and you can bet everyone in the room at the Boise Centre holds their breath hoping to hear their names announced by one of the Idaho Press Club board members and to see it splashed up on the screen for all their peers to see.

This year, Boise Weekly took home top honors: First Place, General Excellence for Weekly Publication. Our sister daily, Idaho Press, got First Place, General Excellence for Daily Publication. In addition, our own art director Jason Jacobsen got an individual award and took home second place for his mad design skills for one of our special pubs. It was heady and I wanted to crow a bit about it, not just to brag a little, but to let you all know that even though Boise Weekly has had some tough times lately, what with the pandemic, low to no staff members and more — we’ve still managed to put out an award-winning product we’re damned proud of. You’re welcome.

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