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Merry Christmas!

I keep returning to a memory of Christmas from my youth. The tree decorations were wrapped in old issues of The Oregonian and stored in a Rubbermaid tub. The Time-Life Treasury of Christmas played on a loop. Everything seemed warm and bright.

Obviously not everyone had the same kind of Christmas I did. Not everyone celebrates Christmas. And anyway, Christmas this year will be strikingly different from before, with people avoiding holiday gatherings and travel. But if we can’t enjoy Christmas in form, we can bring to bear its spirit. This week, let’s remember how to give and be patient.

We have a great issue for you this week, starting on page 4, where you’ll learn about the latest development in the removal of Native-themed mascots at Idaho high schools. It’s a story we’ve followed for years, as community voices have risen against these mascots, which critics say perpetuate stereotypes about Natives and can in some cases harm children.

Then, on page 5, get the details about the upcoming Fiction 101 Reading Party and other arts goodies.

Finally, on page 6, don’t miss the announcement of two films set to start screening at The Flicks on Christmas Day: the Tom Hanks vehicle News of the World about a traveling newsreader attempting to restore a child to her family in the years after the Civil War, and Promising Young Woman, a #MeToo-era revenge flick about a woman who lures “good guys” into compromising positions by pretending to be inebriated. For folks who want to stay home, we have a list of under-the-radar Christmas movies so you have something to do once you’ve opened all your presents.

Happy holidays!

—Harrison Berry, Editor

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