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There are a lot of different nonprofits and organizations that work towards creating a more inclusive and welcoming Idaho but there are a lot of individuals putting in hard work too.

This week BW interviewed local author Dr. Keith Anderson. He played football at Boise State University as a young man and has been in Idaho ever since. He’s written a book titled “From Racist to Non-Racist to Anti-Racist: Becoming a Part of the Solution.” It’s a smart read that blends personal experience with academic ideas. People can read all about it on page 7.

Then on page 4, local band A.K.A Belle has released limited lathe-cut vinyl records of two singles from an upcoming album. BW got the info on where people can get them and why these kind of records are one-of-a-kind.

Treefort also announced their final lineup, along with a slew of new venues added and a bunch of new tickets that aim to make the festival more affordable for everyone. Read all about it on page 6.

This week there’s also a small piece on the recent demonstrations about Cuba on page 9. There was a protest here on Sunday and BW spoke to an organizer about their reason for protesting and what people should know.

And don’t forget to check out the calendar for upcoming events, Minerva’s column and puzzles and horoscopes.

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