Cleo Swayne’s Nature Trail at Walter’s Ferry will delight you with aphorisms and … birdhouses!

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My BFF from a little while ago — we’ve been friends since we were 20 — has been in town visiting. I don’t know about you, but when I want to show Boise off to people who may only be dimly aware that we’re not in Ohio or Iowa, and the first thing out of their mouth is “where are all the potatoes?” — I have some favorite places where I like to take them. They may not be your favorites but to me, they are in my heart and they keep me solidly planted here, deep. Like those ding-dong potatoes.

On Linda’s first day here, I took her out to see the Camille Beckman trifecta: the manufacturing plant, gift shop, and event center and gardens. If you are reading this and going “oh yeah, I always forget about that place,” make a mental bookmark. Your next out-of-town visitors will be glad you did. After sampling the lotions and creams spread out like a skin pampering buffet, we sauntered over to the chateau and snuck into the Marie Antoinette powder room and took some selfies, giggling like schoolgirls. Fun! (Psst: You can read more about this adventure in this week’s Find.)

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