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Boise Weekly Relaunch

As with most businesses, the COVID pandemic also changed things here at the Boise Weekly. We cut down on print and tightened our belt to make it through, and now we’re excited to announce that the Weekly is increasing publication again. We’re printing a lot more copies every week, starting this week, and they will be available around town, just like prior to the pandemic.

In this edition our feature story is a Q&A with the new chair of the board of directors at Radio Boise, Rachel Abrahamson. She brings a lot of experience and ideas to the appointment. People can read all about her vision for the board on page 4.

On page 6 there’s a great story about a Cuban pop-up restaurant and catering service called Adelfa’s Comida Cubana. And if that’s not enough to make people hungry, we also have a story on page 8 about three local restaurants reopening their doors in April.

Another exciting reopening is The Balcony Club, which is hosting a celebration show featuring some of the city’s best drag queen and king entertainers as well as burlesque performers. Check out the story on page 9.

Local musicians have also been busy lately. On page 9, BW interviewed local artist Rider Soran of Rider & Rolling Thunder about their upcoming EP release.

In this issue we also have two guest columns. One from Andi Gordon on page 5 who wrote about the Idaho SmartCard, which helps businesses increase revenue and helps people save money. Gordon also explains how the Weekly is increasing publication. There’s also a column from Ashley Miller on page 10 where she writes about the social practices and customs she’s given up for good thanks to the pandemic.

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—Tracy Bringhurst

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