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Bidding on love

Let’s give these artists some love.

Many moons ago, I attended my first Boise Weekly Cover Art Auction. It’s a bit hazy — I think there might have been rounds of shots of something. Tequila maybe? I remember it was at Stewart Gallery. There was a mob of people. Laughing. Drinking. And bidding.

I was wearing a Pepto-Bismal pink faux-leather jacket and for some reason, was called Penny Lane for the whole night.

I decided I wanted to get art for my grown-up kids for Christmas.

Holding that paddle up high became infectious, addictive, heady; I had a hard time pulling it back down.

Suffice it to say, I felt giddy sending those one-of-a-kind pieces of art for gifts that year. Like I was Santa Claus, for real. They were all wowed.

Fast forward to 2016. My husband and local artist Bob Neal, who’s art graced a handful or more of BW covers, had died in 2015 — and I wanted to honor him with an art show at Surel’s Place. I applied for one of the BW Cover Art Auction grants, and, lo and behold, Bob’s Art Farm happened.

I want to share these two stories because I think each one illustrates how great the BW Cover Art Auction is. It’s a showcase for the artists and so exciting to see those bids go up and up because not only is it an affirmation of the art they created, it’s also more money in their pocket — and more money for whatever future project or art installation or crazy genius idea comes around during the next grant round.

So I’m inviting you to our auction this year. It’s virtual so you can lounge on your sofa, nosh on some snacks, have your choice of libation — and bid with abandon. You’ll come away with a piece — or two or three — of original art and the satisfaction that you are helping artists today — and tomorrow.

Inside you will find out more about some of our cover artists on page 4. Tracy Bringhurst profiles artist Dan Haywood on page 7 and Bowen West previews The Cabin’s upcoming reading series on page 8.

There’s also a music review of Childish Major on page 10 by Bringhurst and a story on Treefort (again?) and the numbers on page 15.

Anonymously Single is back — and single again — and puzzles, horoscopes, History Corner, the FIND, and furry friends round out this week’s edition.

We also have a glorious insert of all 52 Boise Weekly covers over the past year put together by our very own Jason Jacobsen, art director. And on that note, in addition to original art, you can also get a poster with all the covers and beautiful note cards — all available on the BW Auction Frogs website:

Hit me up at

—Jeanne Huff, editor

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