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Dear Minerva:

My daughter just told us she was transgender. We absolutely respect him for his choice, but want to make sure he has all the support and resources available for him. Any advice for parents navigating this new chapter with their child? Any resources for our daughter?


Supportive Parents

Dear Supportive Parents,

Congratulations for being supportive parents. It is not easy, as anyone who consumes news knows, in this world that is looking to criminalize humanity. I don’t know enough about your child or what kind of resources you are seeking to cover that here. But I do have advice for you. In your note, you are inconsistent with pronoun usage. Take the time to sit down with your child, ask them what their pronouns are, and, if applicable, what name they would like you to use. After your child tells you who they are, then I want you to practice using their name and pronouns with every interaction. This will mean more to your child than anything else. I know that this can be a huge learning curve for some people but it is such an important way to show your love and support for the child that you brought into this world. Just as you might spend time committing to memory a song, poem, passage in a book, or an important policy or procedure at your work, practice makes perfect. I wish you and your family continued happiness and so much luck on this journey.

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