Minerva's Breakdown

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Dear Minerva:

I recently moved in with a friend. We discussed the dos and don'ts of what we expected out of the situation. We moved in and immediately he started behaviors that I found to be inappropriate and made me feel uncomfortable. I confronted him and he immediately gaslighted me and refused to take responsibility for his actions or see how it could make me uncomfortable. We both agreed he would take over the place by himself and I would move on. I moved out after a month of being there and now he doesn't think he owes me my half of the deposit back because I "broke the lease.” I just don't see it like that. He agreed to take over the place so in my eyes that means the full deposit as well. What do you think is right?


B**** Better Have My Money


What I think is right, in this instance, doesn’t mean it is your right under the law. If you signed a lease and didn’t formally break your part of the lease with the landlord, you could still be legally obligated. It would behoove you to check that out. While you had discussed ground rules with your former roommate, unless it was in writing, it can be hard to enforce. I think the right thing to do, considering he didn’t respect boundaries that you discussed, would be to give back the deposit money, at least at a prorated amount. Legally, he wouldn’t be required to unless it was outlined in the contract. Sometimes it’s best to cut your losses and move on.

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