Minerva's Breakdown

Dear Minerva:

How do we deal with major corporations that purge people 60 and over? I went through this last year. What they do is "pretty it up" with an early "voluntary" retirement package to lure you to take it and run. To work for that long with all the hard work put in and to be kicked to the curb with frosting is an outrage. This has to stop.



Dear Retired:

Each corporation’s culture varies and as much as we want to say that discrimination isn’t alive and well, it has, often times, simply gotten more creative. Some of the big players have decades-long reputations for being desirable places to work despite massive hiring periods followed by massive layoffs. We live in Idaho—a Right to Work state. A sugar-coated “early retirement” package feels like a better way to end a long career than being terminated, and they know that people will choose to “save face” over the potential of having to start over with little to show for it. It’s hard to talk about morality in the context of a company’s culture. This is why it’s important to do one’s research about the hiring and firing practices of a potential employer. The employer is being interviewed as well. My best advice is share your story so others know what happened. Make this bump in the road something that helps others. Until our collective understanding changes, a lot of heartache will continue. Please know, you have value and integrity, whether that corporation acknowledged it or not.

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