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Dear Minerva:

My spouse and I have not created our wills. I have been feeling this immense sense of urgency with the state of the world. I have started a list but he doesn’t seem to be concerned about it. He thinks I am panicking. I am terrified that if one of us gets sick and God forbid dies, that it is going to end up being a nightmare of details. I don’t want to put our family through that. How can I make him see the importance of doing this now, and not waiting and hoping that we are going to have plenty of time to do it?


Sound Mind

Dear Sound Mind:

Facing our own mortality is a difficult endeavor. It is not inherently fun work to do. We want to think that we are going to live forever. We want to think that we have plenty of time to take care of the details. The truth is, life is a fragile thing. I feel a lot of people have been feeling uncomfortable with what the future may hold in 2020. Despite the events of this year, being prepared is never a bad idea. Saving your family the trouble of trying to figure it out when you are no longer around is a merciful gift to give them, as well as yourself. That peace of mind is valuable. Remind him that while we don’t need to live in fear that we will die at any time, tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Then, make the process a bonding activity, giving each other space to feel the complicated emotions that are bound to come up. Good luck to you both.

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