Minerva's Breakdown

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Dear Minerva:

About 6 months ago my boyfriend and I broke up. It was sad but for the best. During our relationship we got into some fairly kinky stuff in the bedroom. Most of our toys were at my house since he has kids living with him. Most of these toys were prostate stimulating toys. Now that I'm back in the dating scene, I'm left wondering, what is the etiquette for reusing these toys with my new sexual partner(s)?


Eve with a new Adam

Dear Eve:

Toys are a touchy subject. While tempting to reuse something you went all in on financially, when it comes to mascara, underwear, and sex toys, resist. Since you did indicate that these toys were used for insertion with the purpose of prostate stimulation, don’t milk their reusability. Yes, it’s not only possible, but highly recommended, to regularly clean and sanitize your toys. That isn’t necessarily enough to wash away the mental “ick factor” that could come into play with future partners. Ask your new partner how they feel about reusing toys. If they aren’t, here are some ideas. If you’re sentimental about them, tuck them away for your own personal use and reminiscence. Adopt a BYOT (Bring Your Own Toys) policy to make sure that people are responsible for their own intimate sidekicks. Make a shopping date for any special toys you want to use together, thereby learning about each other's bodies and preferences. Have fun with your new sexual partners and tell your ex to text me! Cheers!

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