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Dear Minerva:

I’m exhausted by social media. I can hardly stand to log in to Facebook anymore. The posts fill me with disappointment about our world. It has made me hate people that I used to love. I have tried to spend less time on Facebook and more time on succinct formats like Twitter and Instagram, but it’s hard to find people I want to interact with. I’m not an older person either. I worry that quitting social media will have some sort of lasting impact on my life that I can’t really comprehend at this point. I’m torn between quitting it all or continuing on with this painful, modern expectation. Neither option seems quite right.


Resting Bitch Facebook

Dear RBF:

Social media can often feel anything but social. Lately, on my own personal feeds, I’ve seen many people expressing similar sentiments as your own. If you have the self-control, limiting your time on social media could help you feel less like you’re overdosing on other people’s lives. Also, what people choose to show online is merely a facet of their lives. Studies are showing links between social media and depression. I challenge you to take a week without social media and see how you feel after that. This might also help you to look at your feeds with fresh eyes and see where you might want to start editing the content you actually see. There is nothing wrong with making choices that improve your perspective. Good luck.

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