Minerva's Breakdown

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Dear Minerva:

Maybe it’s the pandemic. Maybe I’m in trouble. I became engaged a couple of weeks before the pandemic shut things down. It’s affected me and it’s affected my fiancé. I love him. In so many ways, he’s perfect. He’s funny and caring. He’s trying really hard to weather this storm courageously. What is bothering me is that our sex life seems mediocre now. I thought we had it all but now, I’m not certain I can marry someone without the fireworks. I feel confused and guilty.



Dear Meh:

Darling, sex isn’t everything. Yes, it is important. Unluckily, our sex lives can suffer when the stressors of the world drop in for a visit. This could be especially true with something that is lingering like this pandemic. Luckily, sex is something that can get better over time. Practice and experience can make all of the difference. My advice to you is do some soul searching. What are your long-term relationship goals? How can you ignite that mattress time? 2020 is putting us all to the test. Our collective mental health is suffering. Ask yourself, who do you want on your side once this is over? If the answer is a supportive partner when you are both at your worst and willing to light up the sparklers when you are both at your best, then maybe give it a bit more time and see how this ‘demic pans out. Don’t let your love be snuffed out without a fight.

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