Minerva's Breakdown

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Dear Minerva:

I am dealing with a secret shame. I haven’t been able to admit it to anyone. I certainly haven’t said it out loud to even my best of friends. It seems forbidden. I feel awfully guilty because I am so happy that this year, I don’t have to attend any holiday parties. No family get-together that deteriorates into an argument. No obligation. No biting my tongue or picking out outfits. Oh I am secretly so overjoyed that I can hardly stand it. But do I ever feel guilty for it. Am I taking too much delight or can you absolve me of my sins?


The Grinch

Dear Grinchy-pie-poo:

This letter gives me the funeral giggles because I feel like you are likely far from being alone in this sentiment, even if you can’t go on record with your glee. While many are undoubtedly mourning the loss of yuletide gatherings, I can see that you are embracing the isolation fully. I believe that this year we will see people who are releasing themselves from the obligations and allowing themselves some freedom for a change and I think that is a wonderful, delicious silver lining. People are breathing deep breaths of relief. The focus is less on doing and more on being. That is healthy. Refocusing on what is important is the reset we all need. As for your sins, if staying home and doing the safe thing for everyone during a pandemic is a sin, baby, consider yourself ABSOLVED. Cheers!

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