Idaho's quarter is one step closer to having a real look. The Guv' announced five designs, hand picked by himself, to submit to the U.S. Mint for consideration. Of course, we don't know what ideas they rejected.

Hmmm. Maybe there was the swastika with the big "No" circle and bar running through it over the top of it. Spuddy Buddy would definitely been left out. A unique design of a knotch cut out of one side with "The Scalper State" was most certainly rejected. Also most likely turned away ... a proposed all-red quarter, for the state that supported Bush the most in the last election. Other potential rejects: Hemingway, a ghost salmon, a radioactive quarter made of the toxic wastes at INL, a big potato, and "IDAHOE" with an "E" to honor ex-Vice President Dan Quale.

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