For those of you who have read Lingo Yarns online, thank you. For those of you who have read it in the print version I thank you as well but it will no longer be in the paper. I will continue it online in this blog forum and you may be curious as to what is going down. I will try to explain here.

I am taking a break from the Boise Weekly. Call it a sabbatical, or a temporary leave of absence, but I have reached a saturation point and no longer have the mojo for the week to week running of the paper. I am still an employee, but a title change to Associate Publisher or perhaps Editor-at-large (on sabbatical) will appear this next week in the masthead.

In the meantime, I will continue living in Boise, it still is my favorite place to be, but I will be pursuing other interests. As part owner of Boise Weekly I will continue to be involved on some level behind the scenes, but in what capacity we'll determine later, after I take a break. In the meantime, we will be putting Nicholas Collias, the news editor for BW, into the position of Managing Editor. Our entire staff is excited for new opportunites to run the show and I have full confidence that Boise Weekly will continue to break important stories in the community, cover the arts like never before, enhance and support the local music community, and continue to push and support the arts through various means.

I will be helping to coordinate the Open Studios Weekend in June and will be actively involed in that. I, too, will be opening my studio then as well. Hopefully, with all of my extra time I will have lots of work to show.

What will the future bring for Bingo? I am not sure. I plan on continuing to write this blog on a periodic basis, pursue some writing projects that I have been trying to find the time to do, work on my own personal artwork, go to some art workshops, travel, garden a little, pursue my letterpress and bookmaking interests, go flyfishing, occasionally write an article for BW and seek out other interesting opportunities. I won't rule out seeking other jobs or positions in the community so if you have an idea or an offer please contact me. I will maintain my e-mail address... and my phone number has always been unlisted in the book.

Here's to a new era at Boise Weekly.

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