By the time you read this we should be sitting in our new offices at 523 Broad St. (between Front and Myrtle on 6th Street right next to the Venue). The paint will be drying. Construction workers will be doing the final touches-base boards here, lights there, a floor touch up in the corner ... that kind of thing. Last weekend, we shoveled, literally shoveled, everything into boxes for the three block move. Now the hard part begins. Unpacking.

Boise Weekly moved into the 109 S. 4th St. location over six years ago. Six years is a lot of time to accumulate stuff. Six years, in the computer world, is enough time for all of them to become antiques, and let me tell you, we've got an electronic antique shop within the cabinets. Hidden behind cabinets, on top of shelves and behind things we've found a treasure trove of ... crap. Most of this stuff has gone into the trash, but an occasional gem has popped up. We rediscovered a box of local heroes' photographs from over six years ago. Our local heroes issue is coming up next week. What timing.

The new space is three times the size of our old space. Meaning, we don't have to breathe down each other's necks to get our work done. It will seem cavernous. We'll actually have to work at eavesdropping and start using our intercom system to talk to each other. But most importantly, we have room to grow now (keep an eye on the classifieds and online at for upcoming Boise Weekly job opportunities). We even have our own conference room for meetings and an employee lounge, where I plan on bringing in my Xbox from home, a big screen TV and will play loud shoot-'em-up games during the day when everyone is trying to work. Either that, or put in a ping-pong table and have daily tournaments. Maybe we'll put in a dance pole.

We've been taking pictures of the entire remodel process and in a few weeks we'll show them to you in the paper. A big sign by Classic Signs will grace the front of our building in a few weeks, too. Drop on by and we'll give you a tour.

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