We've gone back and forth on one issue in the editorial department this week, but I believe that something needs to be said. Every legislator sitting in the Idaho statehouse who voted "yes" for the marriage amendment is a BIGOT. Yes, a BIGOT. And come election time this fall, if you vote for it, you're also a bigot. I'd venture to say some of them are also homophobes, but BIGOT is a clearer way of putting it. A BIGOT is someone who discriminates because of race, gender or some other trait. By asserting that a group of people has rights that a different group of people will not be allowed, our legislators act discriminately, and I find it rephrehensible. When I look at their pictures (we have them in this issue for you), I see people who are just as disgusting as racists, Nazis and fascists. I see people without compassion, who don't believe humans were created equal or that everyone should have the same rights as others. They're BIGOTS, plain and simple. And if you agree with them, you're a BIGOT, too.

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