This past weekend, we held the 4th Annual Boise Weekly Cover Auction. It was another smashing success. The beneficiary was ArtFaire, a local organization that assists young folks with art education. The more young artists we create and inspire in our community, the stronger its soul will be. And this year we've inspired young artists with over $10,000 of support raised. We had a record this year, too. Surel Mitchell's piece "Imperfect Circles" broke the four figure mark. Congratulations.

But there may have been some confusion as well. For those of you who attended the auction, we want to clarify that Boise Weekly wanted to own the "5", "2" and "3" covers for ourselves. We commissioned these covers to represent the address of our new offices. Because we hold true to our word, however, we put these covers up for auction and everyone had an opportunity to bid on them. As auctioneer, I wrote down a dollar figure for each of the paintings and if the bidding did not exceed that dollar amount, we would pay more than the final bid. It made sense in my mind, but I think I confused everyone when I tried to explain it. Anyway, nobody bid higher than our set price but instead of paying $25 over the top bid, the BW Publisher and super-CPA has authorized me to say we'll pay our top dollar for the "5" painting ("fiVE: Lost Senses") by Mike Flinn, the "2" painting ("The Inverse of the Second Universe") by Amy Westover and the "3" painting ("Penchant for Pop Music") by Erin Ruiz. That top dollar is $500 each. I hope this hasn't confused you. It has me.

Four years into our auction, I am amazed that so many of Boise's best artists have participated in our cover auction program. I expect to see many more local artists, some who've never participated before, submit their work. Perhaps they will be among the lucky ones to grace one of our 52 covers.

I'd like to thank Stewart Gallery, who has not only hosted the cover art auction for the third year in a row, but did quite a bit of the framing as well, Jackson Fine Art and Frame (for framing other works), Le Poulet Rouge for catering the event, and all the BW staff and volunteers that helped us out. Without them, we couldn't have helped our younglings explore the beauty of creation.

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