In the newsroom, statistics get bunted around like questions on a quiz show. "Bush's approval rating is 39 percent nationwide. Someone guess what Bush's aproval rating is in Idaho ... Go ahead. Guess," someone shouts. Then, around The Cave (because advertising already has dibs on calling their area The Pit) we'll shout out our guesses. People guess in rapid fire succession ... "45," "53," "59," "63" (my guess), "85." The answer was actually 60. We don't play by Price is Right rules in the Cave, so even the closest to the correct answer without going over wins nothing more than pride.

This week, we're talking about the hole in downtown again. I know some may be tired of the discussion and embarrassed by it to some degree, but we've got to keep it in mind when talking to those in power who can make a difference. Stop by our offices and get a "Fill Boise's Hole" sticker. Then visit It's sure to give you a good laugh. Here's a statistic you should know: How many days has the downtown hole sat empty?

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