As we embark on a new legislative session, we are treated to another State of the State address. To combat my high utility bills, I learned that the Guv wants to give every Idahoan a check for $50. That's awful nice of you, Guv, but didn't we recently just let expire a sales tax increase to cover the budget deficit? That deficit is still around isn't it? Haven't I paid much more than $50 in extra taxes over the past coupl'a years? If a refund is in order, then I should get more, don't you think? Or is this a kickback, some elaborate shell game? Give us $50 now so that we are more likely to forget the corporate handouts granted to big business, the utilities and industry in this state over the last seven years? And exactly how are we going to pay for this? Another sales tax increase? Another tax giveaway to the tech industry? Another big bond sale? I tell you what I'm going to spend my $50 to keep warm this winter: a bottle of whisky. That should last me about a week.

Thank you!

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