Between the Coldest Beer in Boise issue, getting the BOB poll up and running, overseeing the remodel on our new Boise Weekly offices, I'm burning the candle at both ends. Pardon me while I have a sleep deprivation-induced psychosis for a day or two.


The Best of Boise™ online voting is up and running. Vote early at and nominate your favorite if it's not there. You'll be happy to know that criticisms of last year's online voting have been taken to heart and we've improved the process.

One issue was the time investment needed to take the poll. It generally takes a little less than an hour, but unlike last year, if you don't have time to finish it all at once, you can now return at a later time using your sign-in and password to complete it. You can even return to answer any questions you left blank. We've also made it easy to reference previous year's winners. Click on performers, bars and restaurants for more info. Come on bands, here's your chance to send us stuff so people see it. Let us know if you see something wrong.

And, yes, we know, after a year of not doing it, the "other paper" in town is ressurecting their "Best Of" knockoff right now and has timed it for about the same time of year as ours. Coincidence?

Don't be confused with an inferior reader's poll. Best of Boise™ is the oldest, most extensive and has features insuring statistical accuracy. One big difference with our Best of Boise™ is that we do not tell businesses they've won prior to publication in order to sell them advertising for the issue. We think that is cheap, sleazy and loses all integrity for the winners and the paper. I'm not saying that's what the "other paper" will do this year, but if history repeats itself, they'll be selling themselves out as they have done in past years.

People still ask us how they can help a locally owned and independent newspaper fight against the conglomeration of corporate monopolies. It's simple. Keep reading us, tell your friends to read us, and when you don't see Boise Weekly available at a location it used to be (like the Ram or Tobacco Connection), ask for it. Then ask why they kicked us out. Then tell them you want us back or you'll go somewhere they have BW instead. Yep, that'll help.

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