I'd trade a Bush defeat for an Iraq victory any day.

"Good Lord! You sliced that man open from his neck to his belly! You've cut out his heart! You're sucking out his blood, you ghoul!"

"Medalgate"—the inevitable name for the flap over Kerry's flip-floppery about what he did and what he said about his medals—is an amusing spectacle to behold and a story worth investigating.

According to the funhouse logic of the Kerry campaign, I have no choice but to question Kerry's patriotism.

Yes, "everyone" is to blame for 9/11. "Everyone" is also to blame for the outrageous, silly and counterproductive nonsense coming out of the 9/11 commission's quest to assign blame.

I've been waiting for the white-hot rage generated by Dick Clarke—and the White House's response to him—to cool down to a nice umber before I offered this conclusion: Dick Clarke makes a powerful case for why George W. Bush should be re-elected—and why George W. Bush should admit he's made s…

As the June 30 deadline approaches for the transition to a—kind of, sort of, wink-wink, fingers-crossed—democratically elected government in Iraq, I'm starting to think we might be making a mistake. Hold on, hold on. I still think the war was the right thing to do and we were right to do it.…