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Might these Republican hombres (and hombre-ettes) be getting a little exasperated with beating up Nancy Pelosi? And who could blame ‘em? All that threatening and insulting and ridiculing. All that menacing innuendo and hints of violence. All that bluster in the Capitol with their pockets full of zip ties, hissing her name — “Nan-ceee … Nan-ceee … Where are you, Nan-ceee?” All those mocking campaign ads, that swaggering ‘tude meant to impress the yahoos they have what it takes to take on — mano a abuelita — an 82-year old, 5-foot-1-inch-tall, 112-pound woman! Not to mention her Paul being brutalized by some cranked-up Anti-Nancy goon who would have preferred, by his own admission, to use his Silver Maxwell on the wife, rather than the husband.

And just look at her! No matter what might happen come election day, she plugs on, not a defeatable bone in her body. After a decade and a half of vilification and vitriol, she soldiers through, just as on that horrid January day when, as we’ve learned, she led the fight to keep the United States Congress functioning. It’s gotta be discouraging to those puffed-up Alpha pretenders — (thinking of you, Mike Crapo) — since after all these years of trying, they haven’t managed to bully her senior citizen butt back to San Francisco. Or worse.

Looking for Punching Bags that Won’t Punch Back

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