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If I thought Raul Labrador was a nicer person, I might feel sorry for him. Seriously, what must it do to your self-esteem, your ego, your day, to have over 50 of the most respected, most prominent, most illustrious names in your own state party make such a public spectacle of not supporting you for the office you’re running for? If it were me, I’d probably make an angry statement—That’s just great, you ... you booger eaters! I’m gonna take my baloney back to Utah where they appreciate a feller like me!—then stomp off to my bedroom and not come out until after Christmas sometime.

For those who missed Labrador’s bad day, let us do some back-filling. The ex-Idaho legislator, ex-U.S. Representative, ex-candidate for Idaho Governor, and ex-chair of the Idaho GOP, who is running this time to be state Attorney General, is nothing if not a sniff-the-wind-and-follow-the-stink sort of politician. Said another way, when he takes a stance, no matter the issue, he already knows what you want to hear out of him. That’s not a tough trick to pull off, not when you’re running in a monotone place like Idaho. Somewhere less lop-sided—Colorado, for instance, or Michigan; some purplish environs where neither political approach is so dominant—he’d be whistling alternating tunes depending on which neighborhood he was campaigning in. But in Idaho? ... heck, all he has to do is check in with the puppeteers—the Idaho Freedom Foundation would likely be the first call every morning—to see what he should be talking about and what he should be saying about it. And what he’s been saying lately is that he intends to turn the A.G. office into the enforcement arm of the ugliest, most vindictive, most intellectually-deadened faction of the Idaho Republican Party.

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