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Editor's Note: Risë Kevalshar Collins' other essays are available at boiseweekly.com, including "It Will Require All the Love that We Have—and More—to Dismantle All Oppression"; "Leaning Into the Fire of White Supremacy with Love—and More"; and "Challenging American Apartheid, Championing Am…

Family I need to tell you about some big changes coming to Boise Weekly. First and foremost, print copies will be slim and harder to get. Due to continuing hard times, we’ll print just 4,000 copies of BW, and their page counts will be between 8 and 12 pages. Second, starting with this issue,…

Boise Weekly prides itself on being an alternative newspaper. To us, that means giving our readers stories they wouldn’t find anywhere else. Another part of that is being transparent and mindful of that readership, having judgement and a strong moral compass.

Let us raise a glass to Ruth Bader Ginsburg. An eminent jurist, civil rights hero and cultural icon, the Supreme Court justice died on Sept. 18 due to complications from cancer at the age of 87. Our hearts go out to her grieving friends and family.

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