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Clearly, Protest Road in Boise was named after a protest. What protest was it commemorating? Women’s suffrage, perhaps? Something to do with a labor strike from back in the Wobbly days? Maybe it came from the civil rights struggle.

As it turns out, Protest Road is named such because of a protest. Over a road. That road.

In March of 1950, stakes went up in South Boise for a new road that would connect the area to a new fire station being built on the rim above. Residents had voted to construct the road. But in the mind of many citizens, the stakes indicated the road was being planned in the wrong place. It would require fire engines to take a twisty route to a fire.

More than 500 citizens voted to form the South Boise Citizens Protest Committee. Ultimately, a sensible alignment of the road was proposed that seemed to work for everyone. Someone decided that the road should be called Protest Road in commemoration of the efforts of the Committee.

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