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Four men walked from Idaho to Main along Seventh Street shortly after midnight on January 2, 1916 in Boise. They saw a woman in blue emerge from the alley and walk to the corner in front of a saloon. When the men reached the corner, she vanished.

At the same time Rover (really), a St Bernard commenced howling.

Whether his howling brought the blue lady or simply announced her presence was of some conjecture. In either case, the howling was mournful, disturbing, and a little frightening. As one does with dogs who won’t shut up, someone fed him something. This was Chinatown, so a steaming bowl of pork fried rice was on offer. Rover wolfed it down.

Over the next few nights, the howling of the dog, the appearance of the blue lady, the feeding of the dog, and the disappearance of the blue lady all got rolled into a cause and effect tale that was very much to Rover’s advantage.

If the pork fried rice failed to satiate the dog, someone would add a side of noodles.

Several sightings and several howlings took place over the next few nights. New witnesses, including a newspaper reporter, claimed to have seen the vanishing lady.

The blue lady quit appearing when Rover’s owner moved him to a farm out in the country where he probably never ate pork fried rice again. Was the dog in cahoots with the specter? Humm. Maybe the blue lady could have made a nice… living(?) as a dog trainer.  

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