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I haven’t been in many relationships that have made it to the phase of meeting the parents. Of the parents I have met, I would say I liked about half. My college boyfriend’s mother and I shared the same name, but that is where our similarities started and ended. Paul’s family was nice, but I am not disappointed they aren’t my in-laws. Sadly, X’s parents are the kindest human beings on the planet, but their son didn’t inherit that kindness from them. His mother is still friends with me on Facebook and loves all my posts of Ben and me.

Recently Ben’s parents came to visit. We are all vaccinated and took the opportunity to get together. I was terrified. My parents love Ben and are probably imagining turning my childhood bedroom into a space for grandchildren, so I really wanted Ben’s parents to feel similarly. For weeks I was thinking of places to show them and restaurants to take them to that are unique to Boise. Obviously, I loaded up on my favorite Idaho wines to share with them as well. As it got closer to their arrival, I was straight up panicking. What if they didn’t like the restaurants I had chosen? What if they thought Ben could do better?

That Saturday, Ben and his dad went off to do their thing and his mother and I were left to our own devices. We had a wonderful time. The weather was perfect to stroll around downtown visiting the shops, enjoying the Boise food scene, taking in the Basque block, and exploring local art. She told me all about Ben growing up and was interested to know more about me. We had dinner together that evening, shared a lot of laughs, and talked about making a trip to visit them this summer.

This relationship feels like it may be the real deal and I am feeling like a grown-up. I don’t have any apps hidden on my phone, thoughts of running away, or longingness to fall into past bad habits. I am open to a future and thinking of the long term. Meeting the parents made me see what life would be like combining our families and I am excited! Cheers to the next chapter!

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