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This blog is where I'll have the opportunity to expand on some things I maybe didn't have room for in the paper, explore other subjects more in-depth, and, of course, rant and/or rave about things I dig. Or don't. That's where the ranting will come in. Your comments are welcomed because, if …

The Writer's Block: All the things Boise Weekly's Editor wishes were fit to print. Click here: rachael.boiseweekly.com

citydesk is Idaho's most urban news blog. PaleoMedia.org is Idaho's only statewide political news aggregation site. BW news editor Hoffman produces both in all his spare time. Check 'em. Get RSS or the other RSS. Holler back.

For fourteen years I fished commercially for crab in Alaska's Bering Sea. After one day hearing a screaming skipper emote: " Food and sleep are your enemy"! I immediately disagreed, and decided to grab my cameras and head off into different corners of the world to shoot as I traveled and to …

Just a NKTRNL JRNL based on the things that are happening to and around me. What's cool and not so cool. Who's doing what and when. Always Wise or a Wise Ass. ;

Hello. My name is Noah Kroese, an illustrator and cartoonist. I'm available for private and commercial commission work. Drop me a line if you're interested, or if you just want to talk some shop. ;

Jeanne Huff has been a writer and editor with the daily newspaper industry, most recently working at the Idaho Statesman. As a local good news ambassador, she currently blogs at BoiseGoodNews.wordpress.com. Send e-mail to her at jeannehuff.gmail.com. Click here: First, the good news.

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