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Hello, hope

Some days are better than others. But ever since the pandemic rode into town, those not so good days just seem … worse.

And even the good days feel, well, tentative.

I won’t try to kid you and say I wasn’t worried about Treefort all the way up until last Wednesday. Could they pull it off?

I was actually stepping lighter in my pink docs as I exited the proof-of-vaccine tent, and by the time I got my wristband and press passes, I was positively skipping.

It was happening. It was really happening.

I also won’t try to tell you I was not visited with a never-ending cloud of apprehension and dread, mixed with a bit of shame. Should we even be here — when every day helicopters whirred overhead, probably with more cases of COVID-stricken patients headed to the ICU?

It certainly wasn’t like any other Treefort. And while I in no way can ignore that the pandemic was — and is — still going on, I believe that Treefort offered all participants — everyone there was vaccinated or tested and all were masked — a little moment of hope. A glimmer, if you will.

Here’s what co-founder Eric Gilbert wrote on Facebook, the day after it was over.

“Full heart. Full to the brim with gratitude. Thankful for the opportunity to play my role in helping to create a safe space for artists, musicians, community builders, youth and grown children to express themselves, to share their better selves and to lift us all up. Treefort 9 was a truly special moment in time. Grateful for everyone at every level and at every intersection for stepping up, providing light and a direction forward back to the life experience and community we all have been longing to have return. And to do it all with such grace and respect for our broader community. Full heart. Full to the brim with gratitude for all of it and all of you.”

And while we count down the days to Treefort 10, here are some stories to while away the time. First up, a story by me on page 4 on Boise Open Studios or BOSCO, coming up over the next two weekends. (Also, don’t miss the four-page BOSCO insert inside these pages.)

On page 8, the BW staff takes a look in the rearview at Treefort 9. BTW, shout out to Tracy Bringhurst for single-handedly taking on all our social media efforts and killing it on Instagram posts during the festival.

Have you ever considered yourself a wallflower? Find out why some choose to experience a performance from the edges in this story by Bowen West on page 10.

West is back again on page 15 with a Q&A with Moldes, the Peruvian band that came to Treefort.

Our calendar is full of choices for you, Minerva has some sage advice, there’s a kitty sale that might be purr-fect for you — along with our top 10s, Rick Just’s History Corner, this week’s BW pic, and astrology and puzzles galore.

Questions, comments?

— Jeanne Huff, editor

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