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Sun Valley has a bad habit of making the news for all the wrong reasons, like having one of the nation’s highest COVID infection rates circa March 2020 or being the home of notorious Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl. This summer, that reason was workforce housing, or lack thereof.

Publications ranging from the Wall Street Journal to Vice news reported on an issue that had reached its boiling point, relishing highlighting the proposal made by city council to create “tent cities” in city parks for workers to live. The irony of Sun Valley’s annual billionaire “summer campers” attending Allen & Company possibly having to drive by parks full of homeless workers serving them at restaurants and rental shops wasn’t lost on any of the reporters. How can such an affluent area have such a problem? It’s one that is being experienced by many resort towns in the west, where those who keep the town running and live there year-round are being forced out.

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