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Intra Life Healing Arts is a new nonprofit that will partner with The Lotus Tree, an organization that provides therapeutic services to children. The president of Intra Life, Ashiauna Louderbough, said the nonprofit's pilot program will work with The Lotus Tree to provide kids with integrative therapies at no cost.

"My daughter was born with special needs," said Louderbough. "The doctors told me she would never walk or talk, but coupled with an amazing medical team and integrative therapies, she's walking, running and speaking. It inspired and grew in me a desire to share that."

Intra Life Healing Arts, located within The Lotus Tree, is starting a fundraiser on Wednesday, Oct. 20 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. It runs until they meet the goal of $30,000. People can attend in person that day or donate virtually on the website until it ends. Louderbough and two local artists have also created a large tree mural in the lobby named "Jade's Tree," after her daughter. Whenever someone donates their name is put on a leaf and will become a permanent part of the mural, showing how people can help build something larger together through even small acts. There's no minimum for donations and people can also meet the staff at the event.

Louderbough said the goal is to get the community involved in an inspiring way. 

"These integrative therapies maximize these kids' treatment and outcome," she said. "There are places across the U.S. bringing in these therapies and Boise has yet to jump on board with it. There are so many families here that could benefit from them and people can fall through the gaps. We want to bridge those gaps."

Integrative therapies are a kind of progressive therapy where the specific needs of the patient are tailored in a certain way and are used in tandem with traditional therapy. It can include music or art but the point is to try to help the patient as a whole, not just one specific condition. Intra Life offers Sound Healing, Jin Shin Jyutsu and Reiki. People can get more information about the services provided at Louderbough said over 300 different clinics across the nation are currently using these kinds of integrative therapies.

"These therapies combine so beautifully with medical protocols," said Louderbough, "we want to grow awareness and we are a nonprofit because oftentimes insurance won't cover it and we want to give families access."

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