Legislative Preview 2022

Gov. Brad Little gave his State of the State Address Monday, Jan. 10.

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Gov. Brad Little gave his State of the State Address Monday, Jan. 10 by highlighting a budget surplus, a balanced budget, one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country and being the least regulated state in the country. He also pointed to the state's handling of the pandemic.

"While President Biden divides Americans in his attempts to elevate the role of government in citizens’ lives, coercing Americans with government-imposed vaccine mandates, Idaho says, 'no,'" said Little. "Our lawsuits challenging Biden’s polarizing vaccine mandates are working. I banned divisive 'vaccine passports.' I never mandated masks or vaccines. We responded to a crisis with a balanced approach and kept Idaho open."

Little also addressed his budget that he said is rooted in fiscal discipline and will: pay off state building debt, bolster rainy-day funds to guard against the future, work on issues at the U.S. Mexico border and pay off backlogged repairs needed for infrastructure over the next 10 years, and cut taxes.

"With Bidenflation exploding, let’s immediately pass $600 million in income tax relief that we can get back into the wallets of all Idahoans this spring," said Little. "I propose $350 million in immediate rebates and $250 million in ongoing income tax relief, allowing working families to keep more of what they earned and free them from the penalty of living with historic inflation."

Little's budget also increased the state's public school fund by $300 million, adding $47 million to literacy programs. He also allocated $12 million to the Cyber Response and Defense Fund to address election integrity and to "ensure the state is prepared to respond to any cyber-attack from bad actors in China, Russia, or elsewhere."

Further, his budget invests heavily in police infrastructure with funds going toward: hiring new troopers, building new prisons and creating new programs, providing $850 million to support the economic vitality of rural Idaho and increasing funds to public health systems like the VA, Medicaid and child welfare. 

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